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miercuri, 10 martie 2010

Trend alert: Imprimeuri in nuante de bleu

Geometrice, psihedelice sau in linii simple... nuantele de bleu au luat cu atac toate imprimeurile. Gasiti o oferta vasta de rochite in tonuri de albastru in noua colectie de primavara de la Mango.

2 comentarii:

Unknown spunea...

I am a french student, and i'm doing a case a study about fashion accessories (jewellery, handbags,hats...) and i would like to have a few informations about this market in Romania.
I'm sure you can save my life by helping me.
Could you please give me some shop name which sell items in Romania and international Accessorize brand such as Mango for example.
Thank you very much in advance fr your help.
Fanny from Paris

Dana spunea...


In Romania we have most of the big highstreet brands, including: Zara, Mango, Castro, Stefanel, Kookai, BSB, Guess, Gap, Promod,Debenhams Esprit, Nine West etc etc. Everyone of those stores has an accessories range, including jewelry, hats, bags, shoes.

We also have some highstreet stores that sell only accessories: Accessorize, Parfois, Meli Melo, etc

Hope that helps